How to get Healthy, Voluminous and smooth hair ? - Best Hair Hacks !

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Here I'm sharing some Best Hair Hacks - For Healthy,Voluminous and smooth Hair.So, check them out and implement them for Best results.

  • Brush Before Washing
Do Brush your hair before washing them.Doing so will make your hair less tangled after wash, and less fall out during wash.

  • Do not Wash everyday for Good Volume
Do not wash your hair everyday if you want Voluminous hair.Try to skip 2-3 days (depends on your hair - skip one day if more greasy).

  • Use Heat Styling tools on Completely dry hair
When you use Heat protecting spray or any other product on your hair before straightening or curling them, wait until your hair is completely dry or otherwise you can hear that sizzling sound when using heat tools on your hair, that means you are frying your hair.

  • Do not Rub your Hair with towel after Washing
Avoid rubbing your hair with towel after washing them.Instead try to Press your hair in towel to soak water from them without friction.

  • Try to Straight your Hair on High Temperature
When you're straightening your hair, keep the temperature of iron high.In this way Straightener will straight your hair in first time and you have to go over your hair multiple times at low temperature and this can be really damaging your hair.

  • Clean your Hair Straightener Before using it
Always clean your Hair straightener before using it as it became less effective and takes more time to straight your hair due to all the gunk on it.So, take some rubbing alcohol on cotton and clean the plates of iron and then take a clean towel to take off the alcohol or any other residue.

  • Quick way to get volume after wash without teasing
After towel drying you hair, put your hair like half ponytail, half up and half down and use a claw clip to tie your half up ponytail and remove the claw clip after you feel your hair is 90% dry and you will have nice natural volume in your hair without teasing your hair.

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So, this is How to get Healthy, Voluminous and smooth hair with Best Hair Hacks that you can try.I hope you find this helpful.

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