Makeup Do's and Don'ts-For Perfect Flawless Makeup Look !

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Makeup Do's and Don'ts-For Perfect Flawless Makeup Look !

Here's How you can Right you Makeup Wrongs, for a clean and flawless Makeup Look.So, check and consider these Makeup Do's and Don'ts, for Perfect Makeup Look !

#1 Foundation

  .Do- Moisturize and Prime before Foundation and Do match Foundation to overall body tone.

  .Don't- Don't apply Foundation to bare skin and Don't match Foundation to Neck only.

#2 Concealer

  .Do- Use a concealer that's 1-2 shades lighter than your Foundation.

  .Don't- Don't Conceal under eyes circles without using a color corrector first.

#3 Powder

  .Do- Do set Foundation with setting Powder.

  .Don't- Don't use Foundation Powder to set Makeup.

#4 Contour

  .Do- Use a taupe matte Bronzer to to contour your face.

  .Don't- Don't use a warmed tone Bronzer to contour your face.

#5 Highlight

  .Do- Highlight high points of cheeks, nose and cupids bow.

  .Don't- Don't Highlight apples of cheeks, if you have large pores.

#6 Blush

  .Do- Apply Blush on apples of cheeks and blend upward.

  .Don't- Don't Blend the Blush below the apple of the cheeks.

#7 Brows

  .Do- Blondes or Brunettes use a product 1-2 shades darker than hair color.

  .Don't- Don't use Black Brow products.

#8 Eyes

  .Do- Prime your lids before applying eye shadow and Do use a warm toned crease color.

  .Don't- Don't apply eye shadow to bare lids without priming and don't use shimmer in the crease.

#9 Eyeliner

  .Do- Do use a pencil or gel for natural definition and do blend eyeliner into subtle cat eye and do Blend bottom lash line.

  .Don't- Don't use harsh liquid liner and Don't drag eyeliner down and Don't leave a harsh line.

#10 Lashes

  .Do- Curl lashes before Mascara and Do use falsie with a thin band.

  .Don't- Don't curl lashes after Mascara and Don't use falsies with a thick band.

#11 Lip liner

  .Do- Outline your lips using small strokes.

  .Don't- Don't drag liner in one harsh line.

#12 Brushes

  .Do- Do clean your Makeup Brushes often.

  .Don't- Don't use dirty Makeup Brushes.Because dirty brushes give you Break outs.
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So, these are the main Makeup Do's and Don'ts,that you need to take care while applying your Makeup.I hope you find it helpful.

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